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The name SCALA stands for the "Shooting and Conservation Association for the Livingston Area".  Livingston is a modern town about 12 miles west of Edinburgh, in West Lothian, Scotland.

The club was formed in 1976 with the objective of regularising shooting opportunities in an area where the pressure of incoming population was creating difficulties and provoking illicit shooting to the detriment of wildlife in general.  The club was accepted by local farmers, who welcome the control of pest species and the existence of a body which relieves them of the problems associated with poaching.  As a result, in return for modest rents and a bottle of whisky at Christmas, the club has shooting permissions for a substantial area of farmland.

Early in the club's history it was agreed that we should aim at a low subscription and the provision of the best possible activities within that limited budget.   A modest release of pheasant is made some years and the ground holds a small stock of wild game, but woodpigeon is the main quarry species.  Access to the ground is rigorously restricted by rota during the game shooting season.  Early in the club's life the membership was as high as 80 but planned reduction of numbers has taken place over the last several years and there are now just 25 shooting members.


SCALA is affiliated to the SACS (the Scottish Association for Country Sports), one of the benefits of this is the £10,000,000 insurance cover for each member while engaged in country sport.  There are the SACS meetings held locally throughout the year with talks, courses and demonstrations on many country topics such as vermin control, dog training, clay pigeon shooting, deer stalking, fishing, wood carving, gun regulations etc. etc.

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