1993 Vauxhall Senator 3.0i 24V

I purchased this car in mid September 2002 and it came with all new brake discs and pads and four new Pirelli P6000 tyres.  It seemed to be in quite good shape but had a number of niggling faults (such as a short on the courtesy lights and a dodgy driver's door window) which I have now sorted.  Drives well and looks great.  I have now performed a full service including replacing the brake fluid, the coolant, the "fan" belt and the fuel filter.  I also replaced hand brake shoes and sorted the actuators in the rear disks/drums.  I replaced driver's side window and realigned all the doors and windows so they close properly.  I've had half the exhaust replaced and Waxoyled all bare areas of the underside - now the car is great with a new MOT.
Since carrying out the above I have removed the defunct rear self leveling system and replaced the shocks.  The car was also exhibiting the acceleration surge problem and I was advised that this was due to a faulty lambda sensor so I replaced that and the performance and fuel economy improved dramatically.
This car now goes extremely quickly and I am very pleased with it!

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